INX Prime’s #Hajj2023 Documentary Launch Raises Over R150,000 for Pilgrimage Assistance

Over R150 000 was raised on Sunday at Cine Centre in Killarney, Johannesburg, as television channel INX Prime [DSTV 345], in collaboration with renowned social activist and media personality, Yusuf Abramjee, launched the compelling 60-minute #Hajj2023 documentary.

This event marked a significant milestone in the journey of storytelling, unity, and compassion.

The documentary takes viewers on a deeply personal and transformative journey as Yusuf Abramjee reflects on his Hajj experience, where he was graciously hosted by the Custodian of the two holy mosques, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz.

It offers an intimate exploration of Yusuf’s encounters, emphasizing the shared humanity among Muslims and the universal significance of the Hajj pilgrimage in fostering unity and understanding.

This launch was not just about storytelling; it was about making dreams come true.

Tens of thousands of rands was raised to support females in undertaking the sacred Hajj pilgrimage.

All proceeds from this event will be directed towards Rih La Tul Umr, a noble Cape Town-based non-profit organization dedicated to assisting females in realizing their dream of performing Hajj.

Awqaf SA, known for their commitment to charitable causes, announced a generous donation of R100,000 to Rih La Tul Umr, further fueling the noble cause.

Additionally, four frames featuring photographs of the Holy Kaaba were auctioned, raising R40,000 for the organization.

Yusuf Abramjee expressed the importance of supporting organizations like Rih La Tul Umr.

“They are doing sterling work, making it possible for our mothers and sisters to undertake Hajj.”

Saudi Arabia’s Religious Attaché to South Africa, Mohammed Ashoor, praised the documentary as “very educational,” underlining the significance of such initiatives in promoting understanding and unity.

Farhad Omar CEO and co-founder of INX Prime extended heartfelt gratitude to all donors and partners who contributed to the success of this event, emphasizing the collective impact of the community’s compassion.

The #Hajj2023 documentary will soon be screened on INX Prime and various other platforms, ensuring that its powerful message of unity and compassion reaches a wider audience, said Omar

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