Breaking News: 73 fatalities recorded in Johannesburg building fire

The number of fatalities keep on rising as search and recovery operation continues at the five storey building that was engulfed with flames earlier this morning at Johannesburg CBD. Firefighters crews have currently recovered 73 bodies and recorded 52 injuries, the number may rise as search and recovery continues.

The building has been turned into an informal settlement with an estimate of over 80 shacks. The fire spread very quickly affecting different levels o the building because of the combustible materials used.

Firefighters managed to evacuate all the people out of the building and 43 people were treated on scene and later transported to various health care facilities for further medical care. Firefighter crews are currently busy with damping down. EMS will conduct preliminary investigationsto determine what caused the fire after fire fighting operations are done.

City of Johannesburg Disaster Management is on scene to facilitate relief for affected families. Chaplains are attended to the bereaved families.

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