Hospital Hills, Meriting, Ennerdale and Lawley set to receive high solar masts

City Power, the leading utility company in Johannesburg, has made significant progress in the second phase of its solar high mast installation project. This initiative, aimed at providing consistent lighting during loadshedding and extended power outages, is making headway in enhancing safety, particularly in crime-prone areas across the City of Johannesburg.

With a strategic focus on addressing safety concerns in crime hotspots and vandalism-prone regions, City Power’s project is swiftly transforming public spaces.

In the Lenasia area of service, the installation of 9 solar high masts in Soweto, 6 in Finetown, 3 in Orange Farm, 5 in Vlakfontein, and 2 in Poortjie is already complete.

The latest phase kicked off with the installation of 2 solar high masts in Eldorado Park on 29 August. By the end of the week, a total of 6 solar high masts will have been erected – 5 in Eldorado Park and 1 in Kliptown.

The project’s scope extends to several other areas, with installations planned for Hospital Hill, Meriting, Ennerdale, and Lawley in the upcoming week. Subsequent phases will see installations in Slovo Park, Klipspruit, Freedom Park, Thembalihle Settlements, and Narens Farm.

City Power’s innovative project is aligned with its strategy to leverage alternative energy sources and adopt an energy mix that promotes sustainability. Community feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly as the initiative directly targets crime-related concerns such as hijackings, robberies, and muggings. The introduction of solar high masts has garnered enthusiasm from local residents, and City Power is already receiving requests for more installations.

By December 2023, City Power is on track to exceed its initial target of installing 50 solar high masts by placing a total of 100 across Johannesburg. This expansion not only contributes to community safety but also tackles the issue of streetlight vandalism. Often, streetlights are stripped for their cables and components, which are then used for unauthorized connections. The new solar high mast technology eliminates the need for these cables, reducing instances of vandalism and enhancing community safety, particularly for children.

As City Power forges ahead with its solar high mast project, it demonstrates a commitment to innovative solutions that address multiple challenges faced by the city. Through this initiative, Johannesburg moves toward a brighter and safer future for all residents.

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