Tsotetsi family seeks community’s support to construct toilet in their Phumlamqashi home

A heartfelt plea for help echoes through the community as Mama Elizabeth Tsotetsi (50) reaches out to her neighbors for support in building a toilet or obtaining a mobile toilet.

The Tsotetsi family, residing in a one-room shack in Phumlamqashi, faces dire circumstances after their toilet became unusable. Mama Elizabeth, along with her blind husband Alfred Tsotetsi (76), has been coping with challenges that extend beyond their small living space. The family’s predicament became all the more dire when their toilet structure collapsed, leaving a gaping hole that rendered it unusable.

Forced to improvise, they now rely on a bucket as a makeshift solution.

Elizabeth told GLOBE POST: “My husband and I are suffering. We attempted to construct our own toilet, but it collapsed, leaving us with no choice but to use a bucket daily.”

Despite relentless efforts, Mama Elizabeth’s appeals for assistance have yet to yield results. She has raised the issue in community meetings and approached local authorities, including the counselor. Unfortunately, avenues for aid seem blocked.

Elizabeth recounts: “I consulted the councillor regarding this matter, and I was informed that the company that provides mobile toilets, Supreme, no longer offers them. Additionally, a neighbor warned me that even if toilets were available, I might not receive one due to security concerns, given that our yard is unfenced.”

The Tsotetsi family’s circumstances have been further complicated by Alfred’s disability, which limits his ability to contribute to their daily needs. Their current living conditions, including the shared shack, amplify their challenges.

Ward 120 Councillor, Puseletso Nzimande, acknowledged the family’s plight and is taking steps to address the situation.

She told GLOBE POST: “As a councillor, I must adhere to proper procedures rather than making unilateral decisions. I’m organizing a meeting with Johannesburg Water and the Department of Human Settlements to present the case and request assistance for the family.”

The community’s compassion has already begun to shine through, and Mama Elizabeth’s plea for help has not gone unheard.

To those who are in a position to help the Tsotetsi family, kindly reach out to them on 073 697 5262 / 073 089 3861.

In the spirit of unity and empathy, Mama Elizabeth’s plea serves as a reminder of the collective strength a community possesses to uplift those in need.

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