Community Imbizo addresses spaza shop challenges in Ennerdale

On Tuesday, 22 August, a pivotal community imbizo convened at the Civic Centre, in Ennerdale EXT 9, organised by Ward 121’s Ward Committee member for Economic Development, Thulani Luke.

The gathering aimed to confront challenges faced by spaza shops within the community. The imbizo’s distinguished panel comprised representatives from the South African Police Service (SAPS), urban development entities, including law enforcement units, Ward 121’s Councillor Khazamula Chauke and the Chairperson of the Greater Ennerdale Community Police Forum (CPF).

Key issues highlighted during the meeting encompassed compliance, effectively addressed by urban unit officials. Crime emerged as a central concern, with two spaza shop proprietors elucidating the detrimental impact and their aspiration to collaborate closely with SAPS.

The SAPS, in turn, conveyed their eagerness to partner with spaza shop owners in combating crime. Conclusively, consensus was reached to establish a dedicated forum for spaza shop owners within the Greater Ennerdale Region. This forum’s mission is to collectively address issues afflicting spaza shop proprietors, foremost among them being crime.

In a proactive move, spaza shop owners pledged to donate two telephones, earmarked for reporting crime-related incidents. This unified effort underscores the community’s commitment to fostering safety and fostering collaboration between stakeholders.

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