Beautiful Minds’  Learners Inspired by GLOBE POST Visit

Enthusiasm and discovery merged as GLOBE POST hosted Lenasia South’s Beautiful Minds Preschool students on 21 August. Led by principal, Basheny Garach, these eager learners immersed themselves in the world of media and community journalism.

A tour of GLOBE POST’s offices, guided by Editor in Chief Shirley Govender, unveiled the steps of the news gathering process. Learners grasped each stage of news creation, from gathering to printing, with contagious awe.

Principal Basheny Garach’s visionary spirit orchestrated this enlightening tour, unlocking immense potential for Beautiful Minds Preschool students. This experience will hopefully equip them with insights for personal and academic growth, resonating beyond GLOBE POST’s walls.

As these curious minds return to the classroom, the impact reverberates.

Seeds of inspiration germinate, cultivating informed and empowered individuals. Kudos to Basheny and Beautiful Minds Preschool for nurturing experiential learning.

GLOBE POST’s is committed deepening community engagements and welcomes this visit. Please Note: We’ll be hosting a coffee hour with readers in the second week of September, come and meet our team.

Watch this space for details…

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