Eldorado Park learner stabbed during committee oversight visit

A learner was stabbed at Eldorado Park Secondary School yesterday while the Gauteng Legislature’s Portfolio Committee on Community Safety together with the Education Committee were at the school on an unannounced oversight visit.

The joint unannounced oversight visit was part of the Committees’ Focus Intervention Study (FIS) on assessing the effectiveness of school safety interventions in fighting violence and crime in schools.

The Committees had to adjourn their meeting with the Principal and School Management Team to allow them to speedily attend to the incident.

It is alleged that the learner was stabbed by an illegal intruder at the school, who fled the scene after the incident. He was promptly stabilized and rushed to a near-by health care facility.

The incident highlights the scourge of violence and criminality that exists in some Gauteng schools, which prompted the FIS that the two Committees are engaged in.

During the visit, Committee members were shown multiple knives that were confiscated from learners. They also learned about a learner who brought a gun to school the previous day.

Shocking incidents like these cannot be left unattended as they are not isolated cases and need urgent interventions by government and civil society. It is for this reason that the Committees will table their findings and recommendations during a House Sitting and compel the Department of Education to act.

The Committees will on the 31st August 2023 convene a Stakeholder Engagement Session to bring various experts together to develop concrete recommendations that will form part of the consolidated report to be tabled in the House.

One thought on “Eldorado Park learner stabbed during committee oversight visit

  • August 16, 2023 at 1:36 pm

    31st August 2023 is to far. We need immediate attention to this matter. Act now before it’s to late. Sitting in long meetings and scheduling meetings to a later date is just prolonging action. Place SAPS at the schools to deter this ongoing violence.


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