Women’s Day Special: Rooksana Conradie makes a difference in Lenasia South

To celebrate Women’s Month, GLOBE POST features one of the most amazing women who is doing phenomenal work in and around Lenasia South – Rooksana Conradie.

She is 64 years old and has been a resident of Lenasia South for 37 years, she shares her story…

I worked at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange for 23 years and left when I succumbed to Breast Cancer.

I was very sad and depressed at first but then I thought I will not let this get the better of me. One day, as I sat in the Oncology Department, I decided to serve the community in whichever way I could. I opened up several Islamic Groups namely Ajmeri Islamic Group, Yaseen Group, where we read for the sick, deceased and special request from the community in times of trauma, Quran group for the Deceased, and several other groups, in my personal capacity.

I get Quraans from a few institutions in Durban and Johannesburg, which I send to madressas, schools, Ulooms, Malawi, Reverts and private individuals. I also received a sponsorship for groceries, where I accommodated 100 people monthly till it came to an end.

As we speak now, I give Maths, English and Afrikaans tuition to the less privilege children in my complex at no charge. As time went, I was saddled with several other commorbidities comprising of Diabetes, Hypertension, Cholesterol, Neuropathy and Breast Cancer ongoing Treatment.

Last year after the demise of my husband on the first fast was shattering. Prior to this my son went missing in 2020 (2 and half years) up to date.
This, most certainly did not bring my life to a standstill. I was alone, but never failed to remember that I had Allah in the depths of my heart.

My personal opinion to everyone drenched in heartache is, “Don’t Give Up. Be a candle to light up the Darkness in another’s life. Have no place for tears as they make you weak. Regardless of Race or Creed, have God in your heart. I pray I could have inspired some reader.

To a Stronger future where no darkness prevails.

Regardless of all my Stress and Toil Allah Azwajul has bestowed me with a ticket for Umrah on 21 September.
Persevere. Keep Going till our last breath.

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