Ennerdale Service Centre & Meals on Wheels to host AGM

Ennerdale Service Centre and Meals on Wheels invites residents and interested stakeholders to its Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held on 17 August at the Centre on 124, 7th Avenue Mid Ennerdale at 1pm.

The Agenda includes:

  1.  The Leader’s Report of the activities of the Affiliate for the period under review.
  2. The presentation and approval of the Audited Financial Statement, the Auditor’s Report, and the budget for the ensuing financial year. 
  3. The election of Officers and Members of the Board Committee for the ensuing year. 
  4. The appointment of an Auditor for the Affiliate for the ensuing year. 
  5. Amendments to the Constitution (where necessary) (NPO Act). 
  6. Any other business deemed necessary and/or referred to it by the Management Committee. 

For more info, contact, Linda Roberts on 073 315 1408.

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