Ennerdale’s Kaylen Healy makes it to 100 Young Mandelas 2023

Kaylen Healy, a 25-year-old from Ennerdale in Johannesburg, is a humanitarianism finalist to be part of the 2023’s 100 Young Mandelas of The Future.

He is a dedicated advocate for youth empowerment, community engagement, and mental health. In 2020, he took the initiative and founded Mentoring The Future, a programme aimed at bridging the gap between high school and university for learners in his community.

Kaylen ensured that high school students had the knowledge and support to apply for university and bursary opportunities by providing mentorship and guidance and equipping them with the necessary tools. The programme’s mentors were university students from various institutions in South Africa, allowing them to gain valuable volunteering experience and enhance their CVs.

Recognising the alarming increase in youth suicide rates, Kaylen partnered with two youth-led organisations in late 2020 to launch the “Youth Against Suicide” campaign. The initiative focused on raising awareness about mental health and suicide. In 2021, he furthered her commitment to community service by initiating “Honoring The Boy Child,” raising donations for 23 care packages for young men in three rehabilitation centres. This effort aimed to inspire young men in recovery, reminding them to strive for a better future and shed light on the significance of not overlooking the needs of young men.

Kaylen’s dedication to service and impactful initiatives led to his selection as a member of the Civic Leadership Cohort in the Young African Leaders Initiative, founded by former president Barack Obama. Through his passion and relentless pursuit of positive change, Kaylen Healy continues to significantly impact the lives of youth in his community and beyond.

Source: News24

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