City Power Lenasia SDC faces acute service cable theft challenges

City Power’s Lenasia Service Delivery Centre has an acute problem of service cable theft in addition to cable theft and many forms of vandalism of infrastructure.

“The rate of theft is so high that we often run out of stock for service cables for areas such as Thembelihle, Freedom Park, Lehae and others. Communities in these areas are aware of the theft problem as they often have to go for days without electricity due to the theft and the struggle by the SDC to replenish stock,” said City Power spokesperson, Isaac Mangena.

The power utility brings to its customers’ attention the responsibility to safeguard service cables.

“According to Section 21 of the NRS Standard by-laws, the owner is responsible for applying for the installation of a service connection. Further the service connection is installed at the expense of the owner. This reminder is necessary as we find ourselves increasingly under pressure to replace stolen service cables free of charge despite pleading with communities to guard their cables and other infrastructure against theft and vandalism. We would like to also point out that due to continued vandalism, City Power is finding it difficult to keep up with demand not only for service cables but other infrastructure,” Mangena added.

He also stated that while City Power does its best to invest in private security and work together with law enforcement agencies, they believe that the solution lies with communities making a commitment to safeguard infrastructure.

2 thoughts on “City Power Lenasia SDC faces acute service cable theft challenges

  • July 14, 2023 at 1:09 pm

    Why doesn’t the government deploy the army to help police stop the crime and arrest criminals.

  • July 14, 2023 at 5:16 pm

    The government allowed illegal settlers to surround Lenasia, and build on vacant land . This is it’s own doing as the community reported this to officials who allowed these settlers to sprawl out of control, which is the source of the problem!


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