Bluebells United to commemorate 50th Anniversary on Sunday

On Sunday, 09 July, Bluebells United Legacy Project will host its 50th Anniversary Commemorations at the Lenasia Stadium.

The day’s events will start at 10am with a Junior Football Festival featuring U7, U11, U13 and U15 teams plus a girls football fixture. At 1pm, several guests will deliver keynote addresses delving into the rich legacy of the Bluebells Football Club, exploring its profound impact on the Lenasia community and the remarkable struggle to secure the use of the Lenasia Football Stadium.

At 2pm, there will be a Legends Football Match which will bring together iconic players from Bluebells United FC and their legendary rivals of the past – Gauteng Legends.

Don’t miss this extraordinary Gathering of football greatness.

The Bluebells United Legacy Project’s focus is to share the Bluebells United Football Club story. The club has shaped, contributed, and influenced the social history of Lenasia, the history of the broader South African community and carved its proud name in the annals of South Africa football history. Bluebells United has always espoused the values of non-racialism, socio-economic equality and social justice. The club embraced diversity at a time when strict apartheid laws were brutally enforced, the most notable amongst them being the Group Areas and Population Registration Acts. Football was always seen as catalyst for change and it provided a unique opportunity to bring people together irrespective of race, culture, class, creed or socio-economic status. For Bluebells this meant attracting the best footballers from all the communities that played the sport of football. This commitment and ethos earned the club the tag of “The Peoples Team”.

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