MMC Tshwaku unveils CCTV cameras and launches Street Patrollers programme in Ennerdale and Finetown

On Sunday, 25 June, the City of Johannesburg’s MMC for Public Safety, Cllr Dr Mgcini Tshwaku officially unveiled the CCTV surveillance cameras installed in Ennerdale and Finetown and also launched the Street Patrollers in the areas.

The launches took place on Percy street outside the Finetown Hall in the morning and on James Street in Ennerdale in the afternoon.

The surveillance cameras strategically installed in crime hotspots will assist SAPS and JMPD identify perpetrators. They are part of the City’s response in fighting crime and lawlessness in the area.

“The usage of CCTV cameras and the Patrollers is one of our strategies also known as smart policing. The CCTV footage will be linked to the Patrollers on the ground through an App that can be downloaded on any smart phone device and to the IIOC Command Centre, there will be a bigger rollout to all seven regions of Johannesburg in the next coming months,” said MMC Dr Tshwaku.

The cameras have been powered with artificial intelligence, they operate and sense movement automatically and send warning signals via the App about any unusual activity. Community members will also have access to footage from the surveillance cameras via the App, more information on how to download the surveillance camera App will be communicated in due time.

City of Johannesburg’s MMC for Public Safety, Cllr Dr Mgcini Tshwaku addressing residents in Finetown

The Street Patrollers programme is currently in the process of appointing Patrollers who will work alongside JMPD and SAPS.

The Patrollers will be trained as Peace Officers so they can be able to perform patrolling duties more effectively.

The MMC applauded the Finetown and Ennerdale patrollers for their commitment and collaboration with law enforcement in fighting the scourge of crime in their communities. He urged them to fight lawlessness in a rigorous and robust manner.

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