SOCA: Prioritising infrastructure development and refurbishment

Infrastructure development and refurbishment are one of the eleven mayoral priorities outlined to achieve a better Joburg.

This will prioritise key infrastructure projects, such as road repairs, water and sanitation upgrades, and public transportation improvements, and work to ensure that all projects are completed on time and within budget.

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) is the infrastructure development arm of the City of Johannesburg. The agency manages capital expenditure projects on behalf of the City of Johannesburg. The JDA plays a role in this mayoral priority in the management of capital expenditure projects for the City.

As one of the most capital-intensive areas of municipal spending, the Executive Mayor, Cllr Kabelo Gwamanda, emphasised infrastructure development at the 2023 State of the City Address.

Under the theme, “Understanding the past in building resilient future cities that are people-centric,” Cllr Gwamanda highlighted that the City of Johannesburg had extensive consultations with stakeholders, listened to the needs of communities, and allocated resources accordingly.

“This rigorous process has allowed us to realign our priorities, focusing on key areas such as infrastructure development and refurbishment, actively engaging with our citizenry, and facilitating job creation opportunities,” Cllr Gwamanda said.

Cllr Gwamanda also committed to working with the Mayoral Committee and the City administrators to find sustainable, long-term solutions to the infrastructure problems plaguing the City of Johannesburg.

The State of the City Address also highlighted the regeneration of the Inner-City of Johannesburg as a mayoral priority as well as a key priority for all Departments and Municipal Owned Entities.

The JDA is currently managing several projects aimed at rejuvenating and stimulating investment in specific areas in the inner-city. These include the Gandhi Square Public Environment Upgrades (in and around the ASBSA Towers), the construction of the new Central Fire Station, Betrams Multipurpose Centre, Selby Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Depot and the implementation of various inner city public transport facilities.

“The noticeable development brought about by the ABSA towers and surrounds is also a good example. All of this is happening in the City of Johannesburg working with our partners in the Private Sector,” Cllr Gwamanda said.

The JDA has already been instrumental in revitalising inner-city through projects such as Constitution Hill, Newtown Precinct, Braamfontein Precinct, and Greater Ellis Park Precinct, renovating the Drill Hall, and developing the Fashion District.

“The JDA has implemented over 1300 projects across all administrative regions in 22 years. The agency will implement a phased plan to strengthen inner city precincts, developing resilient, sustainable, and liveable urban areas in identified transit nodes and corridors,” said JDA CEO Mokgema Mongane.

The current eleven priorities are tabled at the State of the City Address are; Infrastructure Development and Refurbishment, Good governance, Financial Sustainability, Energy Mix, Sustainable Service Delivery, Job Creation and Opportunities, Safer City, Active and engaged citizenry, Sustained economic growth, Green economy, and Smart City.

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