Lenasia South Pothole Patrollers strive to make roads smooth and safer

Last month, a group of about 10 Lenasia South citizens and local patrollers came together to launch the Lenasia South Pothole Patrollers Team under the leadership of Adheep Mahabeer.

The group has taken it upon themselves to patch up potholes in the area.

Mahabeer told GLOBE POST: “Potholes have become one of the major problems in Lenasia South. We decided to take the initiative of trying to get this solved. We’re tired of rattling our cars and teeth when it comes to potholes. We seek the community’s support to make our roads smooth and safer.”

The patrollers seek the community’s support through sponsorship and donations to acquire materials to patch the potholes. The also seek more volunteers to assist.

To sponsor, donate, volunteer or report potholes, contact Adheep on 061 507 9100, Vishal on 073 253 5429 or Shakira D on 069 362 7067.

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