Lenasia South’s 3Gs appreciates senior citizens at Nirvana Haven

3Gs – God’s Gracious Givers, a Lenasia South NPO, together with respected sponsors, friends and family hosted a spectacular Mother’s Day Lunch and tea party with all the residents of Nirvana Haven Old Aged Home on Saturday, 20 May.

It was a sensational event with lots of entertainment, an array of delicious treats and plenty of fun and games. The respected Seniors were enthralled by Shane Naidoo on the saxophone and they gently jived to the old school music while the photographer, Ashlin Teeka, captured all the memories. Selena Maharaj and Naseem Limalia also dazzled the audience with their toe tapping tunes.

The guests were also joined by Ward 9 Cllr Imraan Moosa and the chairperson of the CPF Ebrahim Asvat and SAS to celebrate the journey of two beautiful ladies. Waheeda Khan; a respected educator (Deputy Principal at Azara Secondary) who turned 60 and Ambi Chootoo, a respected resident of the Nirvana Homes who turned 90.

Tributes were poured out by Vasie Pillay, the founder of 3Gs, Imran Moosa, Jinny Pillay (Treasurer and friend) and SAS. Beautiful songs were sung by Prakask Sanasi and Selena Maharaj, marvelling the respected journey of Ambi Chootoo. It was extremely heart-warming to be bathed in so much love and appreciation.

“Seniors citizens have played a huge role in society, their impact cannot be overlooked. Our appreciation and love for them rekindles beautiful memories within their hearts and this brings a precious smile to their faces,” said programme director, Vasie Pillay.

She also profusely thanked the dignitaries present, especially the sponsors of the food (The Singh family) and the gifts (Gold Reef City). Pillay also appreciated the sacrifices made by all friends, family, 3Gs members, Cllr Moosa and Ebrahim Asvat(Chairperson of CPF) .

“A councillor who has a special bond with the old aged, especially Ambi and makes time to light her candles deserves deep praise. It’s special. Spending time together was just so magical,” Pillay added.

Cllr Moosa thanked 3Gs for their vibrancy and professionalism in lighting the hearts of so many people and wished them well in their future endeavors.

3Gs also thanks its newly appointed Nirvana Home board members, especially the chairperson, Tharmy Muttukumarasamy, for allowing them to graciously spread love in their village. They loved the euphoric experience and look forward to their next visit.

For more information about 3Gs, and their constitution, contact Vasie Pillay on 083 367 0845.

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