Lenasia South youths attend democracy building workshop in Ext 4

On Friday, 19 May, Umusa Projects in partnership with Rivonia Circle held a successful Democracy Builder workshop at its centre in Lenasia South Ext 4.

Politics, governance, activism, power and democracy were discussed with young people sharing their experiences.

At the second session, youths shared their version of South Africa 2.0 and the three things that needed to be changed by them in their communities with the assistance of the government of their choice.

Umusa youth had three burning issue, drugs, homelessness and unemployment which they decided to prioritise.

“The youths have engaged themselves in the ways of creating jobs for themselves with the help of the government. They are planning to start an Eco fashion and sewing business and a vegetable garden where sell the the vegetables while supplying the soup kitchen. At Umusa, we are pleased when we witness young people getting involved in leadership. Our youth are now learning that they can’t just wait for government, they are the agents of change in their communities. They need to be heard by whichever government they vote for,” Umusa Projects’ Ps Nomsa Tshabalala told GLOBE POST.

Umusa thanks Rivonia circle for the role they play in leading and educating the young people.

Tshabalala added: “It is the leaders from Rivonia Circle, Rise Mzansi and Plus 94 Research company that Umusa appreciates for their commitment in making a difference at the grassroots levels to build our country.”

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