Forum 4 Service Delivery alarmed by sense of uncertainty regarding loadshedding

Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) is concerned and alarmed about a sense of uncertainty created by the government regarding the possibility of South Africa being plunged into complete darkness.

F$SD says when President Cyril Ramaphosa appeared in parliament this week, he was found wanting when asked about the country’s energy security.

“The man and his ministers are cagey whenever asked about the electricity issue. He’s all over the place. You can see that he’s lost control of this thing and that we could be plunged into darkness at any time,” said F4SD Leader Mbahare Kekana.

Kekana said the appointment of an electricity minister was a ploy to silence the nation.

“This was just a public relations exercise meant to make him appear as if he is working and concerned about the rapid degeneration of South Africans. It is clear the ANC government doesn’t know how to end load shedding and is not interested in doing so,” Kekana added.

“The guy was not given any real powers to deliver targets. I don’t see him being the biblical Moses that Ramaphosa presented him as,” said Kekana.

Kekana urged communities to stand up and against the corrupt ANC government and its intention to sell Eskom for next to nothing.

The Forum will continue to mobilise communities to reject any attempts to deprive our people off electricity.

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