Finetown Block 5 residents endure 18 months in the dark

It appears there is no light at the end of the Eskom Tunnel for Finetown residents who have had no electricity since 2 January 2022.

By Lebohang Ndashe – Intern

Known to many as Matsetseng, for almost 3 years, the section endured numerous power cuts and interruptions which resulted in several transformers eventually giving up leaving residents in the dark.

Overloading and illegal connections are suspected to have caused over demand thereby leading to the failure of the transformers.

Residents forked out large amounts of their hard-earned cash hiring people and Eskom technicians to try and restore power, however their efforts yielded no results.

The situation created an opportunity for further vandalism of the infrastructure, meter box and cable theft increased dramatically, at present, many households are without meter boxes and cables. Some removed the to avoid trespassing and house robberies.

GLOBE POST spoke to some frustrated residents who wished to remain anonymous. One community leaderr said: “We have already paid the R500 that Eskom wants, however, we still don’t have any electricity and winter is fast approaching.”

Another community member added: ”The whole issue of transformers is sketchy, because other parts of Finetown who paid after us have already received new transformers and meter boxes.”

On 4 March 2023, Ward 6 Cllr Solly Phumetsi and former Ward 7 Cllr Amelia Zama, joined by Eskom officials conducted a community meeting at the Finetown Multipurpose Centre to find a solution regarding the current electricity crisis. At the meeting, issues ranging from provision of copies of proof of payment of R500 to Eskom to be submitted to the councillors’ office for new transformers. Many residents promised to pay for electricity – especially those residing in Meriting and Finetown North.

GLOBE POST‘s enquiry to Eskom on this matter is yet to be responded to. Check this space for further updates.

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