A dark Thursday for Lenasia South, Ennerdale and surrounds as ‘long-shedding’ hits with no ETR in sight

Lenasia South, Ennerdale and surroundings are experiencing ‘long-shedding’ after the lights did not come back on at 10.30am as per the loadshedding schedule. At time of this post, Block 9 and other areas were out for 6 hours with no reasonable explanation from City Power as to the cause of the outage or estimated time of repair (ETR).

This has angered residents, business owners and those working from home who took to social media to voice their frustrations, these are some of their random comments:

Electricity hasn’t being restored after loadshedding. Any idea why?

“City Power is sleeping on duty.”

“I’m getting frustrated of these id***s”

“They were very quick to switch off the power at 8am but forgot to conveniently switch on”

“Some part of Lenasia did not have the power restored since Sunday morning , it was only restored last night at 12.10. Pray we get sorted quickly. The loadshedding has no sympathy for anyone even the children with homework battle through candlelight. Just when we thing we have a better day and Eskom/City Power mess it up. Hope it is sorted soon…”

How do we work from home, and what do we tell the Company, we all can’t efford Generators like some Fat Cats, this is so Sickening, I really don’t have words.. I Rest my Case…. 👍👆✊

“Lol… Perhaps they’ve upped the stages, disguising this as outages with cable/ infrastructure vandalism and theft scapegoated as causes?
Where’s our leadership’s voices calling for increased security measures from Eskom/ City Power to mitigate these issues? The CPF is not aware has not been contacted for assistance with help through community policing. If this is syndicated crime, how should this be dealt with. How do we hold CP/ Eskom accountable?
In the absense of any organised civil response to this, my humble request to political, civic voices on this group. Please educate us on how local governance works, the relationship between Province, Eskom and City Power. What’s the way forward? Give us something tangible to understand what’s going on.

“What the solutions to these ongoing problems. Not even local governance is doing anything to alleviate the problems and challenges that the community’s are facing.”

GLOBE POST contacted City Power who said the fault is with Eskom, at time of publication, an enquiry sent to Eskom’s Gauteng’s spokesperson Ronel Kotze had not been responded to.

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