Lenasia South family endures more than 72-hours without electricity after being disconnected in error

A family in Lenasia South Ext 1 has had no electricity since Monday, 10 April, at around 8pm, efforts to get City Power to resolve the fault resolved have been futile.

“I logged a fault with city power on Tuesday. A technician came out and replaced the cable but still no electricity at my property. Tuesday afternoon, I escalated the issue and no technician came out. Wednesday a technician arrived saying that we need a tamper code and we were told that CP disconnected us in error.
My husband went to City Power offices and received another reference, until now, no technician has come out to assist us,” an anxious Rashaldah Karani told GLOBE POST.

Last night, the family requested assistance from Ward 120’s Cllr Puseletso Nzimande who sent out a contractor, but the problem remains.

Karani added: “It is now three days without electricity, it is unbearable. We are fasting for Ramadan, I have two young daughters at home who both have the flu because of the cold. This is unbearable. The financial losses due to time off work, the costs of calls to City Power and spoilt food stuffs is too much.”

At time of publication, GLOBE POST was yet to receive feedback from City Power. We hope to keep you updated on developments.

Meanwhile, residents face ongoing challenges thanks to vandalism and cable theft woes. At time of post, City Power was attending to a cable theft incident which occurred in the early hours of this morning outside the Lunar substation in Finetown, affecting most residents of Lenasia South Ext 4.

2 thoughts on “Lenasia South family endures more than 72-hours without electricity after being disconnected in error

  • April 13, 2023 at 5:35 pm

    It’s not the first time my water was switched off at my property and we have been paying the water bill that was in arrears when the house was purchased. A payment had been made as well when the water was cut and to date no one has come out to switch it On

    These departments are all useless

  • April 14, 2023 at 8:39 am

    We are all suffering more special we want to pay what they think where we are going to pay full amount due some of as backlock from covad many people lost jobs but we still want to pay I have so much hate towards government taking advantage of humble people there’s are so many people they are not paying if you non African they took advantage I have no power for 8 months due because they don’t read water 💦 the just bills I ask we want to pay they need they all amount what think where we are going get


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