JDA celebrates 22 years of managing capital expenditure projects

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA) turned 22 on Saturday, 01 April 2023 and looks forward to working even harder to implement infrastructure developments, one of the most capital-intensive areas of municipal spending.

The JDA plays a role in the implementation of the Growth and Development Strategy of the City that responds to the Joburg 2040 ideals of resilience, liveability, and sustainability.

Established in 2001, at a critical moment in Johannesburg’s history as part of the iGoli 2002 re-engineering process, the JDA now celebrates 22 years of managing capital expenditure projects.

Below are a few project milestones reached in its year 21 of operations.

Gandhi Square East public environment upgrade – In Gandhi Square East, the JDA completed the Main Street Public Environment Upgrade, turning the area into a high-quality environment and enhancing the pedestrian experience, featuring wider sidewalks, pedestrian lighting, landscape, trees, and natural elements, and upgraded Portplein Park as part of the scope of works.

Drieziek Public Transport Facility – The all-weather, aesthetically pleasing Drieziek public transport facility includes 37 holding bays, 42 loading bays, 10 wash bays, private car parking, 22 trader stalls, ablution facilities and a public square for traders with a sitting area. Opened 10 December 2022, the public can now enjoy this amazing facility and travel to their destinations safely.

Orchards Clinic – Opened by Gauteng Health Department in September 2022, Orchards Clinic is a vibrant, primary healthcare facility with 20 consulting rooms, emergency rooms, antenatal, ARV and TB service facilities, a courtyard, office space and a parking area for staff and patients.

Oval Park and Bertha Solomon Recreation Centre – As part of the Eastern Gateway Precinct master plan, JDA completed the construction and upgrade of the Oval Park and Bertha Solomon Recreation Centre. The JDA engaged residents and other park users to design a safe, accessible, inclusive, and sustainable public space through participatory tools and methods. The project received a certificate of recognition for excellence at the Institute for the 2022 Landscape Architects for South Africa (ILASA) Awards.

Lenasia Public Transport Facility – The Lenasia Public Transport facility opened to the public in December 2022. The project forms part of the JDA’s turn-key projects identified for upgrades. The intention upgrades were to accommodate taxis, traders, pedestrians, and commuters in a safe, clean, and attractive environment that will enhance the overall functionality of the Lenasia CBD.


Speaking about the JDA’s longevity and success, JDA CEO Mokgema Mongane explained that there are two fundamental management approaches in the universe, the Task-based approach, and the People-based approach.

“I believe a delicate balance of longevity, resilience, tenacity and sustained success.” The JDA plays a pivotal in taking the city forward and its Mongane’s goal to fine-tune and optimise the delivery of infrastructure and development projects more efficiently.

“Essentially, JDA play key role of providing infrastructure development on behalf of numerous client departments and other municipal entities within the City of Johannesburg. These include the Department of Development Planning, Human Settlement, Health, Public Safety, Transport, Community Development, Social Development and the Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA),” Mongane notes.

“The infrastructure projects comprise Transport Orientated Developments (TODs), Public Environment Upgrade (PEUs), stormwater and gravel road upgrades, clinics, fire stations, public transport facilities, Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) infrastructure, multi-purpose centres, libraries, and shelter” he adds.

When asked what he will be prioritising over the next year to ensure the success of the projects by the JDA, Mongane explained that the JDA’s immediate focus revolves around its financial sustainability and initiatives – these include revenue enhancement activities within the short to long-term ranges.

Looking ahead to the next five years, Mongane’s long-term goals for the JDA are:

Operational Efficiency: to continuous improvement / optimisation of core business processes and deliver projects on time and within schedule and as per specified quality.

Capacity Creation: to capacitate organisation in terms of human resources, technology and tools of trade.

Revenue Enhancement: to generate sufficient revenue for financial sustainability in the long run and expand and optimise client-base.

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