Young Writers Outreach grooms Ennerdale’s future writers

Established in 2019, Young Writers Outreach publishes and online magazine, Revive Afica Magazine to promote a culture of reading and writing amongst the youth while providing a platform for young writers to be published.

By Lebohang Ndashe – Intern

Young Writers Outreach is for aspiring novelists, creative writers and book club members. It hosts writing workshops to sharpen the skills of young writers, established writers attend as guests to share their knowledge.

“We challenge young writers in terms of writing books, scripts, academic papers, poems writing and more,” said Mbali Skhosana, a book-activist with Young Writers Outreach.

She added: “In Ennerdale, we don’t have a culture of active reading and writing and it shows because some kids in the community struggle with writing and comprehending stories or general information.” 

The initiative partnered with a National literature program, Nali bali, and started handing out newspapers in schools like Poseidon Road and Spectrum primary schools to encourage early reading.

Skhosana encourages authors to write in their indigenous languages and urges publishing houses to be linguistically inclusive.  

Skhosana elaborated on challenges they are currently facing, she said: “The reception from the community is intermediate; we would like to see more support, full participation and awareness because there is a need for such an initiative and we can only build future leaders through reading and writing.”

The literature program partners other events, campaigns and NGOs in order to make reading and writing fashionable.

Book festivals, events and more workshops are some of the events on the cards.

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