Kings of Mulberry Street Let Love Reign – the perfect blend of rich characters

Judy Naidoo’s Kings of Mulberry Street Let Love Reign, will be released on Netflix on Good Friday.The family misadventure is pure family entertainment, perfect for the Easter school holiday.

The film reminds one of the old fashion matinee features, filled with nostalgia, funny Durban quips, and poignant moments. Set in 1993, just before South Africa’s first democratic elections, the film tells the story of Baboo and Ticky four years later. Now 12 years old, the boys are firmly best friends and share an unbreakable bond.

The cast consists of a variety of characters, from the mischievous two leads, Baboo and Ticky, to Ma Chetty who is totally underestimated by her villainous kidnappers.About the charactersThe two lead characters are a few years older, and their charm has rubbed off on each other. Baboo is not the reserved city boy from the first film anymore, and Ticky has matured, being a loyal friend, steadfast in his principles.

On his role as the heinous Police Commander Veerasamy, Hamish Kyd comments: “I enjoyed playing the role of Police Commander Veerasamy. I really studied the character, putting as much as I can into his characteristics. It is also inspiring in a way that two youngsters can bring down a criminal like him”.The combination of characters and actors creates the perfect recipe for fun-filled family entertainment.

The castAlthough this film is a sequel, the storyline holds its own and will be enjoyed by viewers unfamiliar with the first film.Shaan Nathoo reprises his role as Baboo and Liam Dunpath is newly cast in the role as Ticky, Bertha le Roux Wahl, known for her role in 7de Laan brings a new layer to the storyline.

Tik Tokker Riyaad Nakooda plays the role of Police Commander Veerasamy’s son, ensuring extra comedic relief in the film. Other cast members include Kogie Naidoo, Amith Sing, Kimberley Arthur, Mayuri Naidu, Luversan Gerard, Vaneshran Arumugam, Senzo Mthethwa, Nolan Jonathan, Jonathan Taylor, Kaseran Pillay, and Calvin Goldstone.


When Granny Chetty (Ma) is kidnapped by the fallen and disgraced police Commander Veerasamy the boys are forced to play along with his schemes in-order to rescue Ma.Veerasamy demands the boys make amends for his downfall by repaying him for his loss of wealth and status, by pulling a heist on an upmarket, well-known casino where he is now employed as a security guard. But this is too big a feat for two little boys to accomplish on their own, it will take a daring plan and the efforts of the rambunctious Chetty’s uniting with the respectable Singhs to save Ma. What could go wrong?… Everything!Kings of Mulberry Street: Let Love Reign is written and directed by Judy Naidoo and will be released exclusively on Netflix on 7 April 2023.

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