GLOBE POST – 31 years and still going strong

Established during tough political unrest and economic uncertainties in 1992, SOUTHERN GLOBE now GLOBE POST, was launched, serving in the best interests of its readers.

By Staff Writer

Publisher and Group News editor, Shaaziya ‘Shirley’ Govender, is the founding member of the publication and built the publication from the ground up. In 1998, Cosmopolitan Magazine SA announced her as one of 5 persons of colour publishing editors in Africa. SABC interviewed her several times and the Sol Plaatjie Media Institute (Rhodes University) featured her business model in its book to empower emerging publishers.

With its mission statement: “Your very own community newspaper’’, the GLOBE POST team has successfully delivered on its promise and continues to be a trusted household name since 1992, thanks to our solutions-based journalism approach in terms of story telling, accurate representation of news events, credibility and non-biased position, we mirror the triumphs and the woes within our footprint of greater Lenasia South (Hospital Hills), 525 informal settlement, Phumlamqashi, Finetown, Ennerdale and surroundings.

GLOBE POST was one of two alternate media in the greater Lenasia area at the time. Community newspapers are often seen as spectators looking in from the fringe on the goings on in the communities they serve. Unlike the community media oligopoly of the Caxtons and Media 24s who still command advertising agency and state budgets, GLOBE POST stepped in. This purpose is driven by passion to inform, educate, nurture civil conscience and be an all-round watchdog.  With considerable influence and often viewed by our footprint audience as an honest and trustworthy source of information and as villains to the state and oppressive agents. We are proud to have been a vociferous voice in ushering in our hard-won democracy in 1994 and we remain committed to progress and fairness 31 years since our first issue on 26 March 1992.

GLOBE POST fields daily service delivery issues through our various WhatsApp Groups, Facebook and other social media, liaising with City officials and local councillors to resolve issues.

GLOBE POST is a project of passion. Sadly, with the recent decline in print advertising and income streams, the publication continues to print albeit in a tough operating and financial environment. Quality journalism requires the quality skill-sets, we can’t do this without the necessary advertising support. A big thank you to our loyal advertisers and editorial contributors.

COVID-19 basically brought this publication and most print media to its knees, yet, we never missed a print in 31 years. This reflects team resilience and agility, sound financial practice and a commitment to our purpose, our readers and advertisers. Govender, through GLOBE POST, together with a task team of trusted community activists and local business owners, managed a grocery relief campaign during the height of the COVID lockdown with over 2 000 hampers handed out, rallied to the call of community policing in the hours leading to the July unrests and did the same for the March 20th’s protests.That level of trust and support is staggering. Trust is earned and we are filled with gratitude for that.

Govender sits on the Sustainability Committee of the Association of Independent Publishers (AIP) and one of 10 publishers in the country selected to participate in a US -SA pilot project to build print and online media sustainability in the country. Part of our sustainability innovations is embracing digital platforms to meet our readers where they’re at, so we’ve launched our website: for uploading daily local news updates to ensure our readers stay informed. Our weekly news broadcasts via Tiktok have been well received. Be sure to check our website out, bookmark it and follow our social media platforms to stay informed. As a first locally, we also publish news content in African ethnic languages building in a pilot Mother Tongue Media drive.

With its sister publications – Orange Farm News and Walkerville & Savanna City Times – GLOBE POST continue to maintain its ethos.

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