City shuts down business in Ennerdale for violating environmental bylaws

A small business in Ennerdale Ext 6 has been shut down by the City’s Environmental Health directorate for violating municipal bylaws. The business, which allegedly burned animal fat to make candles, was found to be in violation of environmental health bylaws.

Following a series of complaints from the local community, the City’s Environmental Health Practitioners, together with members of the JMPD, CRUM Region G, City Power, and the South African Police Service (SAPS), conducted an inspection of the business premises on Wilfred Crescent.

​During the inspection, the business was found to be infringing environmental health bylaws and posing a health hazard to the community.

The business had been shutdown in the past, but it appears the owner quietly reopened it, which created a public nuisance according to the locals.

This multidisciplinary service delivery blitz also tackled illegal electricity connections in Lakeview, Ennerdale Ext 4, which were also cut off on Katz Street near the Ennerdale Ext 9 Sports Complex.

City officials in Region G urge the public to comply with environmental health bylaws to avoid the closure of their businesses.

They have also urged community members to promptly report any environmental violations to the authorities.

“The closure of this business serves as a reminder to businesses to comply with the law to ensure that their operations do not harm the environment or pose a health hazard to the community,” said officials on the blitz.

The City has warned that violating environmental bylaws can result in fines, legal action, or even closure of businesses.

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    Good day

    Is there anything that can be done on the Pakistan tuckshops because 90 percent of the goods they selling has expired dates of more than a year ago.


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