Lenasia South residents express their views on Human Rights

GLOBE POST’s interns recently took to the streets of Lenasia South and spoke to residents who expressed their views on Human Rights in the country, here’s what they had to say


James: Government oa a kgetha hore o fa bo mang di rights ha holoholo ditokelo tsa matlo, hobane ho na le dibaka tseo a ba ahelang matlo teng, e be ho be le moo a sa ba aheleng teng.


Allen: Ditokelo tsa rona jwalo ka badudi ba South Africa, ha re di abelwe tsona. A rena meshomo, electricity, di services tsa go tshwana le metsi le di toilet. Social Relief of Distress Grant ekare e nale matlho. E nale batho bao e ba fang, ba bangwe ha re e thole. Ge ba bona gore go na le R20 e tsenang mo account yaka ya panka, ba re ke thola salary so I don’t qualify to get the grant. O e potse hore ke salary ya mofuta mang eo ya R20? Since last year a zanke ke e thole tjhelete eo. Ntho ena e bakwa ke gore batho ba le go in charge ba ja tjhelete, ba lebala di human rights tsa rena.

Stewart Twala

Stewart Twala: I think the Government is really trying to do things considering our Human Rights. However, it doesn’t have the capacity to fulfill our entire needs as the country and we always fight the government meanwhile we can meet it halfway.

Trinesh Padiaychee

Trinesh Padiaychee: The government is somewhat slacking in fulfilling the rights of people with disability. I don’t see any acknowledgement for people with disabilities, in this area alone (Lenasia South) I don’t see much happening for them, not even a simple thing as a parking space in the shopping centres, I think its quiet sad. That’s definitely something that needs to be looked at, since human rights apply to everyone.


Mpho: Oh God, I think the media helps us to practise freedom of expression in whatever we are facing. I also think the government is not doing what it is supposed to do because we have been waiting for railway and stuff for so long. We can’t use that transport, which is a part of human Rights, when it was operational, it was a nice, affordable and accommodated people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Another thing is the load shedding – the government is really killing us with that one. Our meat gets spoiled and we are living in poverty. I wish the government can give people jobs, maybe sweep the streets and also create jobs for people without qualifications. But am grateful with the safety and security, the police are doing a good job in making us safe.


Olwethu: Okay fede le wena oa e bona die dang hore fede government ha ana bhekela, ho nale maGang ka hier a blomang strateng oa nthola, a hloka thuso via gaulase le pleke tsa ho bloma. Mara government yaka hier ha ena bhekela, kaofela ba lapile nou. Grand xap nna ha ke shebile government especial media, ke le shebile at least ke a bona hore la ba zamela. Government e tshwantshe e ba bhekele especially ka di pleke tsa ho gidla, bo ma di blankets, sdwadlo le spane coz obvious a never o be grand o sena spane.


Sibusiso: Ka ditokelo tsaka nkare ho nale moo government a kgonang ho di phethahatsa ebile ho nale moo re hatellehang teng. Ditokelo tsa rona di tenwa di sa latellwe ka baka la batho ba re tshwereng.

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