New Road Treatment Centre opens new path for addicts

A newly registered non profit organisation, New Road Treatment Centre, was established last month in Lenasia South Ext 1 to offer drug and alcohol users a chance to start on a clean slate.

By Queen Machimana – Intern

The rehabilitation centre specifically deals with drug and alcohol addiction. It work in simple programs which help each individual to identify their underlying issues that led them to addiction.

New Road Treatment Centre aspires to make a difference by not only guiding the substance addicts to recovery but also leading them to a brighter future.

One of the centre’s founders, Trinesh Padiaychee, told GLOBE POST: “We break the generational curse to develop a new generation of role models that will be the pillars of strength in the community and spread the message to other victims”.

Patients at this rehab centre attend self-development workshops hosted by companies that work with the centre every fourth and sixth month. The workshops are aimed at give patients a chance to gain real-world experience and make it easier for them to find employment after they recovery. They also instill a sense of accountability so that patients don’t relapse after they leave the facility.

New Road Tretment Centre will soon conduct community outreach efforts and begin collaborating with churches, temples and educational institutions.

The Centre charges a monthly fee of R2 500 per month for accomodation, meals and rehabilitation.

Anyone who would like to get help from New Road Treatment Centre or to sponsor the NPO, can contact Trinesh Padiaychee at 076 409 2860.

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