Finetown Clinic Update: Delays continue as Certificate of Occupancy remains outstanding

Residents’ frustrations mount as two months after Ward 7’s Cllr Amelia Zama, told GLOBE POST that talks were in place to address the official opening of the Finetown Clinic and its Health License challenge in order to operate, clinic doors remain closed.

By Lebohang Ndashe – Intern

On 17 February 2023, Cllr Zama addressed local civic group (Action for Accountability) community meeting on many concerns raised by members of public – from the poor state of bridges, ongoing electricity outages and including the delay of the clinic among many other pressing issues.

She said: ‘’Together with my ward committee, we invaded the technical team’s oversight visit to the clinic to get answers and we discovered that the clinic still requires a Certificate of Occupancy.”

A Certificate of Occupancy certifies that the building has been completed in accordance with the approved building plan and that all other relevant City Council requirements such as the installation of firefighting equipment, approved water and electricity connection are in order.

Zama also dismissed rumors of any unethical recruitment process circulating on social media and in and around the community. To set the record straight, she confirmed that nurses and doctors who previously worked at the old clinic were temporary placed elsewhere and would resume work in Finetown once doors open. General worker staff employed by the clinic will be from Ward 7 – Finetown and Ennerdale – as they are all residents of the ward.     

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