14th Annual Palestine Solidarity Alliance’s “Walk for Freedom” to be held on Sunday in Lenasia

The 14th Annual Palestine Solidarity Alliance (PSA) “Walk for Freedom” is set to take place on Sunday, 15 October 2023, starting at Rose Park in Lenasia at 8am. This highly anticipated event has become a significant fixture on the community calendar in Lenasia and across South Africa.

The PSA “Walk for Freedom” carries a powerful message, providing an opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to stand together against racism and apartheid, both within South Africa and in occupied Palestine. It also serves as a platform for local schools to engage their students, who are the future leaders, in promoting the values of freedom, justice, and equality for all of humanity.

In light of the escalating right-wing extremism in Israel, the increased attacks by illegal Jewish settlers on Palestinian communities, and daily military raids into refugee camps, it is more crucial than ever to unite in a campaign to isolate apartheid Israel, break the siege on Gaza, and protect sacred sites such as Al Aqsa. To this end, solidarity activists and freedom fighters from all corners must come together to challenge the settler-colonial apartheid regime of Israel.

The PSA is delighted to announce Reverend Moss Ntlha as the special guest who will inaugurate the “Walk for Freedom.” Reverend Ntlha, the chairman of the South African Christian Leadership Initiative, has a distinguished history of faith-based activism for social justice, both locally and internationally. His commitment extends across the Church and society, and he actively participates in civil society struggles, including the Save South Africa campaign.

Rev. Ntlha was part of a delegation that visited Palestine and Israel in May 2022, accompanied by figures such as Rev. Frank Chikane and Rev. Mzwandile Molo. The visit aimed to express solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine, encompassing those within Israel, the 1948 divide, and the 1967 generation of refugees in occupied territories and neighboring states, who yearn to return to their homes in Israel and Palestine. A comprehensive report on their visit can be accessed [here](insert link).

As the PSA remains steadfast in its commitment to building a global anti-apartheid movement against Israel, akin to the campaign against apartheid-era South Africa, it invites solidarity groups, human rights organizations, religious institutions, sports clubs, and schools across South Africa to organize similar “Walk for Freedom” events in their communities. The PSA pledges its support for such initiatives, along with educational and advocacy programs.

Important Information for the Lenasia Walk

This year’s route will differ from previous editions. Participants will start on Argon Street and proceed by turning right into Rose Avenue. Subsequent turns will lead them into Nirvana Drive, Flamingo Street, Hydrangea Street, and Poppy Street. The walk will conclude as participants turn right into Rose Avenue and finish at Rose Ave Park, covering an approximate distance of 5.5 kilometers.

Participants are required to possess a walk ticket and should report by 07:30. Tickets will be available for purchase from 07:00 at Rose Park, with several pop-up stalls also offering them on the day. The program is scheduled to begin at 07:45, and walkers are expected to line up by 08:10, with the walk officially commencing at 08:15.

The PSA extends its heartfelt gratitude to volunteers, sponsors, and supporters, including partners such as Saaberie Chishty Ambulance Services, Fountain of Inspiration, SP Security Services, and the Lenasia Community Policing Forum.

The PSA eagerly anticipates welcoming all participants to the 2023 “Walk for Freedom” in Lenasia.

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